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SmartWOP- Software

The simple way to design furniture

Many customers want furniture design software that is very easy to use but also offers maximum flexibility in design. With SmartWOP, you have a new powerful CAD/CAM system at hand that you can use to design individual furniture quickly and intuitively using drag and drop. The individual components of a cabinet are simply drawn into a previously selected volume. In addition to the standard rectangular volume, special volumes such as a sloping roof or a corner cabinet are also available. Furniture already designed can be stored in a separate library and can be called up or changed at any time. The room planning allows you to quickly design entire furnishings from individual cabinets, such as office rooms or kitchens.



Simple operation and flexible design paths via drag-and-drop. This allows you to design individual furniture or plan entire furnishings in no time at all. Includes a large selection of fixtures and connectors.

 SmartWOP: Simply select an individual part of a piece of furniture in SmartWOP and open it directly in woodWOP. This means that there are no limits to your design options. All changes are transferred directly to SmartWOP and visualized there.

When the furniture has been designed, you can generate all production data such as CNC programs, parts lists for panel cutting, fixtures lists and technical drawings at the touch of a button.


SmartWOP- Software
SmartWOP- Software
SMARTWOP software
With SmartWOP, you quickly design special furniture for production! 
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