Hi-Tech Education Oy

Our company provides personnel, software and equipment training for the wood and metal industries, as well as expert services related to production efficiency. Training in traditional carpentry and special techniques is also part of the services. We always plan the training from the company's point of view and tailor the training to meet the needs of your company or staff. The most important thing is to increase the skills of the staff and develop production, as these will lay the foundation for the company's success. Check out the offer and contact us!

Services available
  • For recruitment and specific training
  • Development of production and methods
  • Software training

You will find the following services from us

Software training

Software expertise to a new level.
See trainings here

Recruitment training

Recruitment Training to create a new skilled workforce for the company's needs!

Specific training

with specific training to meet the new requirements!

Production development

Automatically turn furniture design images into parts lists and CNC programs. Watch the Video on how it works.

Development of methods

New ideas for production.

RFID and barcode solutions

Efficiency with new technology. Watch the Video on how it works.


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